Top 5 Things to Do When in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the European city which is more fun, simply electric, diverse as compared to the Dutch capital. In case you are in Amsterdam for sightseeing, you are right on time. This is among the best cities you should spend your time in. There are plenty of things to do while at this place. 

It doesn’t matter how long you plan to stay in Amsterdam, you can still find something to do in this beautiful city. You can choose to visit a museum, a park, or go biking. If you are planning to go to Amsterdam, here are some of the things to do while in Amsterdam.

Visit a museum

Amsterdam has the best museums in the world. If you want to absorb some culture, this city has all you need. Rijksmuseum is one of the museums that you should visit. This museum was reopened after a ten-year refurbishment in 2013. This magnificent building is a host to a remarkable array of Dutch artworks from the bright age. There are so many reasons why you should choose this place. First, this museum has an app that guides your tours while here. Additionally, there is a library in the museum as well as a cafe and Michelin-starred eatery

Get on a waterway cruise

It was created during the seventeenth century to assist in keeping the ocean at bay. The UNESCO protected canal belt of Amsterdam serves as the typical Amsterdam image postcard. It is also unbelievably a good sight in the day as well as night. You will enjoy your time here. Floating across the waterways by directed boat trips is the best way to get away from the busy city. If you are a choosy person, don’t worry, there are many cruises here that you can choose from. 

Go biking

If you have love biking and are wondering how you will survive while in Amsterdam, there is no need to worry. You can still get on the bike and enjoy the ride. There number of bikes in Amsterdam is estimated to be 800, 000. Well, this means they even outnumber the people. If you are used to a few bikes in your country, you better get used to many bikes in Amsterdam. Cycling in Amsterdam is made easy by the unbeatable network of bikes paths in this city. getting on the bike is the best way to explore this European city.

Purchase tulips

Are there floating markets in your country? If there aren’t any, you should consider visiting Bloemenmarkt. This a floating market where you can buy flowers for your loved one. You will find fifteen florists as well as garden shops.

Take a walk in the park

Your trip to Amsterdam can’t be complete without a walk in the Park. One of the parks to visit is Vondelpark. The park was named after Joost Van Den Vondel, a famous Dutch poet. There is an open-air theatre here as well as a rose garden.


There is no better place to spend a holiday than Amsterdam. Enjoy learning about the rich history here and the good scenery.

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